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Targeting Northern Pike Through The Ice

Once soft water begins to harden and your favorite lakes and ponds begin to look more like ice skating ranks anglers bring out the thermal gear, the warm shanties, and the small rods.



Ice fishing can be exciting and interesting method of fishing that northern anglers have the privilege to do. Although some anglers wouldn't call ice fishing a “privilege” it can be a unique and fun way to catch some of your favorite north american game species. What truly makes ice fishing such a thrilling experience is the sheer power some fish species exhibit when being hooked under the ice. One of ice fisherman's favorite target fish that can commonly be hooked and located under the ice is the vicious but stunning northern pike. While these long slender snake-like fish may not be the hardest fish in the lake to catch it still requires a substantial amount of skill and knowledge to have a productive pike fishing day out on the ice.


Catch A Monster Muskie This Fall

Muskie are the ominous, elusive brutes of Northern American waters, wandering reefs and weed beds searching for a sizable meal worthy of satisfying their hunger. With their arrow like heads they are ready to strike their prey with immense velocity and force, latching onto their victim. These fish are the kings of freshwater and have been a popular game fish for many years. Many anglers mistaken the muskie as being a ridiculously difficult fish species to locate and land. For those who have had experience with a muskie at first hand known that this is far from the truth and that as the fall season approaches so does quality muskie fishing.


Tips for catching winter Sauger

Sauger are one of the most popular game fish for a number of reasons. Sauger put up a good fight, are delicious to eat and are widely available in many areas. In addition, sauger are one of the few fish that are very active during the cold days of winter. For this reason, many anglers concentrate on sauger fishing for the simple reason that there are often few other choices. No matter why an angler chooses to go sauger fishing in the winter, there are a number of things that can be done to improve his or her catch.

Get Organized 

Whether an angler will be fishing from a pier or a boat, getting organized before heading out to water is important for winter fishing. Having an organized tackle box will make it easier for an angler to get the hooks, lures or other tackle that is needed without having to spend any more time than is necessary digging through the box without gloves on. Whenever possible, poles should be rigged and ready to go when arriving at the water. Anglers should also remember to pack fisherman's pliers and to keep them close at hand for removing hooks and lures from the toothy mouth of a sauger.


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