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Fishing Finicky Walleyes

A primer story and tip for the warmer months ahead submitted by a OFG member.

Summer walleye, this is the time for the most popular game fish in Canada. Tens of thousands of anglers consider this their favorite fish to catch for sport and mostly for the fact that it is one of the greatest fish to eat.

This tip comes from experience while fishing walleye in Northern Ontario, on Manitoulin Island, in went out early in the morning hoping to pick up a few walleye early.

I headed for a shoal that I fish frequently; it is about 20 to 25 feet of water, and drops off to about 70 feet deep. After about and hour or so, I had 2 small walleyes to show for my effort. Guessing that the cool front that moved through over night had affected the fish, I started to fish the drop off and along the length of the shoal, and still no fish. With the help of technology (fish finder, sonar) I found that there were groups of fish suspended at 20 to 25 feed in 75 feet of water. I finally surmised that the fish holding at this level would be very hard to get to, and when suspended like this they are usually not in a feeding mood.


Is it safe to eat fish out of the Ottawa River

The famous question I always get asked when talking to someone and mentioning I was fishing the Ottawa River is, do you eat the fish? Is it safe to eat the fish out of the Ottawa River? I grew up on the Ottawa River in the small town of Constance Bay and needless to say I spent many days swimming, fishing and boating on the Ottawa River. I wouldn’t say I ate a tonne of fish that I caught, but of course I ate some of my catches and never had any issues.

Now, I’m no expert on the matter either, so keep that in mind while reading the this. I’m just giving an opinion and will link to some data of people who know much more on the subject.


I often hear people refer to the Ottawa River as very “dirty”. That being followed by “I wouldn’t eat anything from there.” and that’s fine, because no one is going to make you. When a person makes a statement like that it seems to stick in other peoples minds and sometimes get’s perpetuated more than it should. Obviously if you catch a fish that has some unusual growth, do not keep it to eat, If you catch a fish that has legions or mutations, do not keep it to eat it. Although a close friend of mine has sent pictures to the MNR of fish with very noticeable black spots all over them and got the reply they were still safe for consumption.



2013/06/30 Fishing report from the Ottawa River

With Basstard stuck pulling double after double at the restaurant, my other fishing buddies hitting the tournament on Sunday and my gang of friends heading to sandbanks for the long weekend.  I finally hit up an invitation from Chad McNamara of http://www.ottawafishingguide.com to tackle his home stretch of the Ottawa River.  Although I was all alone for the weekend I found the energy to get very excited about this outing.  It may be because he posted a 6.1lbs largie last week or because I knew the weather was finally going to cooperate and I would finally get some sun.


We launched to a very sun kissed view... ripping across a calm, partied out stretch of the river.


Driving the boat down the Ottawa River


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